Caring and Helping Around Hancock County and Surrounding Communities

A non profit orginization that sponsors local charities to help individuals with resources they need.

Our Mission

The Thomas P. Turner Foundation is a non-profit organization that hosts events and sponsors local charities. Our goal is to help people in need. We believe that every single individual deserves to have basic needs and resources. We work hard to provide this for as many as we can.

Giving with dignity

We offer a variety of opportunities to give back to those in need — from donating your time, money, or items for donation, there's no better way than by helping those who can't help themselves!

Don't just give - care!

We believe that the best way to give is by giving both your time and money. We also believe that donations should go towards those who need it most — not only financially, but also emotionally. That's why we invite you to sign up for our volunteer opportunities today!

See how we are giving back to Hancock County

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Updated 03/09/2023

The Thomas P. Turner Foundation proudly sponsors events in and around Hancock County to support local charities. Each event we host we will sponsor a charity. Proceeds from the events go to support the sponsored charity, so they can provide services to those who are in need.

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